5G Accelerating

The 4th Industrial Revolution:
Creating new values together

Who We Are?

The 5G Forum will provide an open platform where diverse participants of the industry can join various areas of 5G R&D and collaboration, and make commitments to bring the 4th Industrial Revolution closer to us. 5G Forum keeps promoting the collaboration of government, ICT, and vertical industries, institutes, and academia to integrate 5G into the vertical industries.

Furthermore, we wish to become the foundation for future progress in the knowledge and service industry by actively supporting the small businesses and start-up culture, which would consequently promote the realization of the creative idea. 5G Forum will seek innovation through mutual collaboration among all interested parties of the new mobile communications infrastructure, including those in the IoT/Cloud/Big Data/Mobile fields, industry-academic -research institutions, as well as the manufacturers and service providers.

We would also like to ask for all your interest, support, and participation.


Leading and promoting 5G services & technologies in years around 2020 and beyond,
creating new values with other verticals in the context of the 4th industrial revolution.

Leading the 5G & Vertical Convergence in 2020’s
in the context of the 4th Industrial Revloution

Private - Public Organization

  • 01

    5G Convergence
    Strategy Support
    /Proposal, MSIT

  • 02

    5G Trial Coordination
    & Support (2021)
    Requirements from Verticals
    and Demand Tracking

  • 03

    Promotion of 5G EcoSystem,
    and jointly with Other lndustries

  • 04

    Technology and Standardization
    Tracking Envisioning
    the Next Generation


Global Collaboration

Participating Members

5G Forum members consist of mobile network operators, global manufacturer, research institutes, universities
and Government. We aim to mutual collaboration among all interested parties of the new mobile communications
infrastructure through our regular seminar, committee, issue report and annual white paper.

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