4차 산업혁명을 실현하는 5G 이동통신의 Integrator

5G 상용화 및 5G 융합서비스를 촉진하는 민·관 합동 포럼으로 사람 중심의 실체가 있는 4차 산업혁명 실현에 앞장서겠습니다.

비전 및 목표

Leading the 5G & Vertical Convergence in 2020’s
in the context of the 4th Industrial Revloution

Private - Public Organization
  • 01
    5G Convergence
    Strategy Support
    /Proposal, MSIT
  • 02
    5G Trial Coordination
    & Support (2021)
    Requirements from Verticals
    and Demand Tracking
  • 03
    Promotion of 5G EcoSystem,
    and jointly with Other lndustries
  • 04
    Technology and Standardization
    Tracking Envisioning
    the Next Generation