[5G-ACIA] 2ND Web Seminar Series - 5G Services Operated by Industrial …

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5G-ACIA는 오는 9월 13일, 두번째 시리즈 웨비나를 개최한다.

산업 어플리케이션에서 제공하는 5G 서비스를 주제로 아래와 같은 웨비나를 진행한다.

Smart manufacturing will benefit strongly from the advanced communication capabilities of the 5G technology. 5G has major advantages on machine-type communication to fulfill the demanding requirements on low latency and very high reliability. In addition to that, factory operators must be able to operate private 5G networks which offer these exceptional capabilities. Join us for our web seminar “5G Services Operated by Industrial Applications” in order to get the latest overview of what capabilities 5G network expose to serve the industrial applications needs.

자세한 내용은 첨부파일을 통해 확인 가능하며, 등록은 아래 링크 통해 가능하다.

등록 URL: https://zvei.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?nomenu=true&siteurl=zvei&service=6&rnd=0.8628998623043169&main_url=https%3A%2F%2Fzvei.webex.com%2Fec3300%2Feventcenter%2Fevent%2FeventAction.do%3FtheAction%3Ddetail%26%26%26EMK%3D4832534b000000055d7d10e5f4bc4a7c9962697bf8b1ecd22a80aeb5dcf28a26a07a0ec0656560d0%26siteurl%3Dzvei%26confViewID%3D4814454186749885460%26encryptTicket%3DSDJTSwAAAAUwS0wLBMTY238pggUv38bcXNBLvRu_nVII81yIPR-3VA2%26